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WebCycle and the pattern server 2


Technically, the pattern server is a lightweight web application framework based on java servlets.

The pattern server was originally written to support a pattern-language based software methodology or process at Destiny, which was a 100+ person consultancy in the financial industry at the time.

We called our process WebCycle, documented it in the form of patterns and encouraged everyone to contribute. The pattern server was a web application on our intranet and enable everyone to contribute new patterns and edit existing patterns. It was our knowledge base.

The first version of the pattern server was extremely simple, in which a pattern was in the simplext Alexandrian form of title, summary, problem, solution. The second version I worked on a more general solution with more self-organizational abilities and more abstraction. I published an article in the Cutter IT Journal describing WebCycle, our experience, and some general aspects of the pattern server.

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the end

In 20001 I pushed for and obtained permission to release the pattern server as an open source project, but I had to leave the company before this could be finished. My plan was to release the three components of the pattern server as separate projects. The first was hexml which saw its first public release but never had a chance to follow up and it was retired. (I quit to become a stay-at-home dad in 2001 - not much time for java programming after that)

Ultimately, Destiny was shut down as a result of bursting of the internet bubble so we were not able to see the full potential of our work.

As of 2009, I have been toying with the idea of revisiting it, having been asked by former colleagues if it is still available.


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