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Mac MX


A Mac fractal explorer.

I was bringing to the Mac some of the exotic fractal algorithms I'd explored in my earlier parallel processing unix app mx.

Come to think of it, this was the ast of my fractal programming - haven't done any since being hired away in late 1994.

Written in C++, I initially attempted to use the THINK gui class library, but found it opaque and unnecessarily difficult to understand at first. I'd just been learning C++, and had already done a few Mac apps, so to put it together I decided to write my own gui class library around the Mac toolbox code. This is the best way to learn something: write it yourself first, then when you approach the subject you'll already have experience and good questions, and a path to the answers.

It's why writing programming languages is the best way to become a deep expert in programming.

Recently I found one of the last builds of Mac MX and got it running under the SheepShaver emulator so I could get that screenshot. I'll bet that in 2010, running a 68k emulator inside a PPC emulator on my Intel Mac is probably still 2n-1 times faster than the Mac it was written on.

Never finished, as I was hired away and lost all free time in the first year.