Russell F. Holt

Software Architect

Fall 2010

voice: 484-686-1278

Extremely technical system architect / developer who has built entire transaction -based systems in production at banks including Bank of America, First USA, and The Northern Trust. Knowledge of all aspects of web development - having built from scratch most of the components in use today.


Since 2000 I have been a stay-at-home Dad, but I continued to work on independent projects, for the iPhone/iPad, and including small web design projects for friends (Horizons Montessori School, Anne Consults, Packing House Center for the Arts) and co-founding a company.

2005 - 2007: co-founder/architect,

Concieved and co-founded which enabled legal, real-time editing of protected commercial DVDs by consumers and sharing of edits in the form of scripts to a software DVD player. Launched at DEMO, sold to RiffTrax.

1994-2000 Destiny Software / Destiny WebSolutions

Destiny was a venture capital-backed startup that built online financial systems for top 20 banks.

1999-2000 WebCycle team

1997-1998 Chief Architect

1996-1997 Lead Developer

1995-1996 Bank of America HomeBanking under AOL

1995 first employee at Destiny Software

1994 Oct-Dec


11+ years of professional software development, 25+ years of programming experience, self taught and motivated early on. Experience in the design, implementation, and use of all aspects of web development from web servers to programming languages and template systems. Able to present and speak to groups.

Awards & Publications


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Mathematics, Purdue University, 1994